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Benmore Lodge is part of Benmore which is the estate in which the Lodge is located. Ownership and contact details: James Vestey trading as Benmore, c/o Benmore Accounts Office, Able Accounting, Tigh Callum, Culkein Drumbeg, Lairg, IV27 4NL.



Katie Cox kindly took the exterior photos of Benmore Lodge and the photo of the entrance hallway. The photo of boats on Loch Ailsh is courtesy of Valerie Mattiocco. Karen Brimm and Brian Reid took all other photos unless otherwise stated including the landscape photo at the bottom of 'Exterior Photos' page. Copyright remains with the photographers.





Current Availability

Please see our

availability calendar

for bookable dates.


All weeks run from

Sunday to Sunday between

May and September.

Between October and April

the start day can be any day of

the week subject to availability.


Short breaks are available

between October and April.